Terms and conditions

  1. The order cannot be cancelled once payment is made as the figurine will be in production.
  2. Due to the custom nature of MyFace Figurines, they are unable to be returned for refund.
  3. We ship all orders via EMS.
  4. Please use extreme care when unwrapping unpacking your Myface Figurine by doing so on a soft surface. On most occasions, your MyFace Figurine will be sent flat packed. Glue is provided for you to attach the figurine to the base or leave as is.
  5. A refund or remake will be granted only if the figurine is broken during transit. Please send us photos of the damage and advise what action you require.
  6. A MyFace Figurine is a caricature of you in the eyes of the artist. The artist uses the pictures you have provided during the ordering stage. The better the photo, the better the resemblance (70-80%). Because of the custom nature and the labour required to produce MyFace Figurines, we are unable to refund or remake figurines that are not to the customer's liking.
  7. We reserve the right to refuse any orders we deem detrimental to good taste or that may infringe copyright.
  8. MyFace Figurines reserves the right to use submitted pictures and completed figurine images in any future advertising or promotion. Please advise us if you do not wish us to use your images.
  9. Please also refer to our FAQ's