Q. How quickly can I get my hands on my own MyFace Figurine?
A. It takes generally 20-30 days from receipt of photos and payment. for a Preset figurine. The fully custom option takes 30-50days to produce. Please note in the description section if you require you figurine by a particular date and we will do our best to deliver by that date. Alterations to the figurine will cause further delays.

Q. When does my figurine start being made after my order?
Your figurine will start being made once we receive receipt of the payment and pictures relating to the figurine. Once in production keep your eye out on your email box for face plates and Body Pictures (Fully Custom only) for you to critique and confirm. Delays in confirming the pictures may cause your figurine to be delivered outside the specified period of time.

Q. What if I pull a funny face in the photo?
A. Whatever face you pull in the photo is the one the artist will depict on your figurine.

Q. How closely does the MyFace Figurine resemble me?
A. The figurine is a comic version of you not an exact replica therefore the degree of resemblance will vary between 70-80%.

Q. How fragile are the MyFace Figurines?
A. Our Fully custom figurines are made from polymer clay, whilst just the head is made of Polymer clay in the pre set bodied figurines. The body parts for presets are made of resin

Q. How is the MyFace Figurine packaged and sent?
A. All figurines are secured in a blister pack in a cardboard box, Most figurines, particularly the Fully Customised ones will be flat packed and in need of assembly and gluing. Glue is supplied in the box

Q. How do I get a MyFace figurine as a surprise gift?
A. It would be weird to ask a friend or family member for a side and front picture of their heads. We will try our utmost to match the pictures received. The degree of resemblance may be reduced to less than 70% without the ideal picture.

Q. What payment options do you accept?
A. You can pay by credit card via Paypal, cheque, money order or by direct deposit.

Q. What if I don't like my figurine?
A. During production you will be sent pictures to critique and confirm, once we have received the confirmations, the figurine is complete and as because of the unique and personalised nature of our product no refunds can be given

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