1. Choose a figurine
  2. From our range of Preset figurines choose which body suits your style. If you can’t find one, with the fully custom option you can design your figurine from the ground up.

  3. Upload your images

    Upload the front and side profile for each subject:

    • Photos must be taken at a 90 degree angle. You will need the photo to be taken directly in front of the subject (a skewed angle may decrease the resemblance).
    • The minimum file size should be 500KB and in jpeg format.
    • The face you pull in the photo is the facial expression the figurine will have!

    The following are not suitable:

    • Photo in a long shot which does not clearly show the subjects profile.
    • A blurred photo
    • Photos taken from a lower or higher angle.
    • The subject having makeup on.

    You may also upload any other reference pictures you would like reproduced. Make sure all images are more than 50KB and preferrably less than 5MB.

  4. Choose the eye, skin and hair colours for each subject
  5. Note additional instructions in the comments box

    Need further colour customisation? Then let us know when you make your order - at no extra cost!

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  7. Checkout

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  8. Payment and delivery details
    • We accept Paypal, Cheque/Money order or direct deposit. You can pay securely with your credit card using the PayPal option (does not require you have an existing PayPal account). Cheque and Money orders need to be made out to "MyFace Figurines" (time to delivery starts upon clearance of the cheque by our bank).
    • Delivery - Preset figurines are quick to customise and can be delivered in around 20 to 30 days. Fully custom figurines take longer due approval process, so please leave as much time as possible. They take a minimum of 30 days to delivery and up to 50days depending on alterations.
    • Your figurine will be delivered directly from our artist’s workshop to your delivery address. A signature upon delivery will be required.