Custom Pet Figurine

Design your figurine from the ground up! Check out the pictures for examples.
Every MyFace Figurine of your favourite pet is a unique gift! MyFace Figurines custom body figurines can be individualised to look like a cartoon of your pet! Simply upload your pet photos with any customisation suggestions, and we’ll create a truly unique figurine of your special friend! All of this at no extra cost! What’s more, delivery is absolutely free!

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Custom Pet Figurine

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Photo tips

You will need a recent photo showing clear facial features. One of the front and one from the side (see example below)• Photos must be taken at a 90 degree angle. You will need the photo to be take directly in front of the subject (a skewed angle may decrease the resemblence).

Photo example

  • The minimum file size should be 1MB and in jpeg format.
  • The face you pull in the photo is the facial expression the figurine will have!

The following are not suitable:

  • Photo in a long shot which does not clearly show the subjects profile
  • A blurred photo
  • Photos taken from a lower or higher angle
  • The subject having makeup on
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